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Tankers can ‘Fast Track’ to become Cav Scouts

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July 14, 2011 | News
Attention tankers! Did you know that Military Personnel Message 11-154, dated May 19, offers a career changing opportunity? Because of manpower overages and shortages in military occupational specialties throughout the Army that can cause strains on the readiness of units around the force, Human Resources Command has placed the 19K, M1 Armor Crewman, MOS in the Fast Track Program for 90 days. This can also assist armor Soldiers in the MOS of 19K who wish to move to the 19D, Cavalry Scout, MOS, allowing the possibility for a faster progression due to the overages in the 19K MOS.

For Soldiers approved for reclassification, the Commandant of the Armor School authorized HRC to award the Army MOS 19D, Cavalry Scout with no training required. The no-training-required authorization is limited to Soldiers who obtain approval from HRC through the Fast Track Program. The 90-day window started on May 19, however there is still about 35-days left for tankers who wish to pursue this MOS change.

Additionally, this Fast Track Program may expire without notification, so Soldiers should act on this opportunity promptly. As always, commanders are still encouraged to reclassify their Soldiers through the five-week MOS transition, even if they are approved for this program. However, since this is a Fast Track program, the five-week course is at the commander’s discretion.

Soldiers currently serving as a 19K, Armor Crewman, are encouraged to volunteer for reclassification or even reenlistment into the MOS of 19D, Cavalry Scout. If the desired amount of 19K, Armor Crewmen, reclassifications is not achieved by the 90 day deadline, HRC may initiate a Department of the Army-directed reclassification based off the needs of the Army.

Additionally, Soldiers who have received an enlistment or reenlistment bonus for the MOS 19K will not have to repay the unearned portion once reclassified. Also, Soldier’s who are process through the Fast Track Program will retain all the original incentives listed in their re-enlistment contract and DA Form 3286, Annex B.

Soldier’s looking to volunteer for this reclassification must meet the following criteria in order to reclassify from 19K, Armor Crewman to 19D, Cavalry Scout:

▪ The Soldier must be in the rank of Specialist (non-promotable) or below.

▪ The Soldier must have between 12 to 36 months of active federal service on the date the request for reclassification is submitted.

▪ The Soldier must meet all of the Army’s retention eligibility standards.

▪ The Soldier must not have any suspension of favorable personnel actions (FLAG).

▪The Soldier must not possess a Medical Readiness Code (MRC) of 3B.

Any Soldier who believes they meet the criteria above and would like more information about reclassification through this program should contact their unit career counselor for more information about the reclassification process. All reclassifications and re-enlistment requests still must be submitted through the RETAIN System. Career counselors with questions about this program should contact the III Corps/Fort Hood Retention Office at 287-0136 or 287-0138.
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