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Copperas Cove hosts Ride2Recovery

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October 20, 2011 | Sports
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Sergeant Mauro Narvaez, 1st Battalion, Warrior Transition Brigade, straps on his helmet before the start of the Ride2Recovery CycleFest held in Copperas Cove Saturday. Daniel Cernero, Sentinel Sports Editor
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Sergeant Mauro Narvaez and Staff Sgt. Peter Woken, 1st Battalion, Warrior Transition Brigade, ride in the Ride2Recovery CycleFest that started in Copperas Cove Saturday. Daniel Cernero, Sentinel Sports Editor
A CycleFest rode through Copperas Cove Saturday to raise money for Ride2Recovery, drawing 70 riders to the course that offered four different distances – 24 miles, 43 miles, 51 miles and 60 miles.

Bill Crain, the event organizer, said he has ridden in the big Ride2Recovery rides in Texas for the past three years, but added that this was the first time a CycleFest had been held in Texas.

“I asked myself the question, ‘why don’t we have a CycleFest in this area since Fort Hood is a large community that supports cycling?’” he said.

Crain coordinated with Betty Price, the vice president of the Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce, to bring the event to Central Texas. Price said that Copperas Cove has hosted many bike rides in the past, and they were eager to give this one a go, “especially when you’re talking about it helping wounded warrior and what the mission of that program is.”

The Ride2Recovery program, Crain said, is a nonprofit organization that supports the veteran’s physical, emotional and mental rehabilitation by using cycling as the core activity.

“First of all, it’s really good exercise,” he said of cycling’s benefits. “(While) cycling in groups, you talk. Most of the veterans that are riding, they’re obviously combat vets and they’ve been down range more times than you can think about. You can relate to other folks that have been there. You can open up and talk about all of the issues you’re experiencing among people who understand because they’ve been there too.”

Crain added that he really believes in the therapeutic effect cycling can have on recovery for Soldiers.

“You have a group of people with similar issues, if you will, and once they get together, they talk it out amongst themselves,” he said. “We have seen guys who the doctors have put on medications for different things, and after three days on the bike, they don’t need most of the meds anymore, because they’re getting the exercise, they’re getting the muscles going again, getting the blood flowing, and they’re talking some of the stuff out with their peers, and it just makes for a great environment.”

Cyclists that preregistered for the ride paid $50 while others paid $60, Crain said, and because the financial costs for the set up of the ride was taken care of through donations, all of the money raised went to the Ride2Recovery program.
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