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Nurses honored

Email   Print   Share By Gloria Montgomery, WTB Public Affairs
May 10, 2012 | Living
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Captain James Pritchard, Warrior Transition Brigade’s 1st Battalion chaplain, anoints WTB nurse case manager Capt. Hiram Nieces’ hands with aromatic oil during the Blessing of the Hands ceremony Monday. Gloria Montgomery, WTB Public Affairs
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Lieutenant Col. Chris Cook, commander, 1st Bn., WTB, thanks WTB nurse case managers for their dedication to helping others in a Blessing of the Hands ceremony Monday in front of the WTB’s new barracks campus, which opens June 6. The annual ritual, which kicks off National Nurses Week, honors the role of nurses in providing compassionate care to others as well as reaffirms their commitment to the nursing profession. Throughout the week, WTB nurse case managers will hold various events, including a brigade-wide walk/run, a Zumba fitness dance and a cake-cutting ceremony. Gloria Montgomery, WTB Public Affairs
Nurses honored
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