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89th MP Bde partners with House Creek Elementary

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September 20, 2012 | News
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1st Lt. Adam Southers, an MP with the 178th MP Det., 89th MP Bde., reads a story about a police officer to a first-grade class at House Creek Elementary Tuesday. Southers, and other Soldiers from 89th MP Bde. volunteered for the second annual Freedom Walk. The day included Soldiers reading to classes and walking along side the students to build the relationship between Soldiers and the community. Spc. David Hauk, 14th PAD
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Spc. Nicole Lang, 178th MP Det., 89th MP Bde., walks with students from House Creek Elementary as part of the second annual Freedom Walk. The event was held to remember those who responded to the 9/11 attacks and to build a better relationship between Soldiers and the community. Spc. David Hauk, 14th PAD
COPPERAS COVE - Units at Fort Hood pride themselves on their ability to work with, and support the area around, the installation. The 89th Military Police Brigade continued their partnership with House Creek Elementary Sept. 11 during their second annual Freedom Walk.

The event was held at the school with students and Soldiers walking side-by-side.

“The kids are really excited to see us every time we come by, and a lot of my Soldiers get excited to come out here and help support the community,” said Capt. Matthew Martinez, commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 89th MP Bde.

The theme of the day focused not only on the Soldiers and community working together, but also to honor those involved in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“We are hosting a Freedom Walk to help the kids realize what 9/11 is about and to celebrate the first responders,” said Marissa Northrup, a physical education teacher. “We are not focusing on the tragedy, but on the people who were there to help that day. We want to help them understand why we should honor those people.”

The day began at 8 a.m. with the first-grade class and Soldiers walking, with some running, around a loop singing patriotic songs that were played through speakers set up next to the track and a few Soldiers reading books to other classes.

As the kids walked the loop, they circled the Soldiers asking countless questions ranging from “What is your rank?” to “Do you work with my daddy?”

“The walk part was very interesting. You have a whole bunch of kids who are excited to see you, and 10 to 15 kids are all trying to talk to you at once while you are trying to engage in a conversation with all of them,” Martinez said.

Spc. Nicole Lang, from 178th Military Detachment, 89th MP Bde., said the kids were a lot of fun to be around and she appreciated every minute spent with them.

“The kids seem really excited. It’s really good for the kids to get to see us and interact with the Soldiers,” Lang said. “I’m enjoying it a lot. I think it’s really sweet what they are doing here.”

Since adopting the school during the summer of 2011, the 89th MPs have conducted numerous events with the school furthering the bond between the kids and Soldiers.

“The events are very heartwarming and fulfilling,” Martinez said. “You have some stories where a kid whose father was killed in Iraq. You hear that and see what they are going through and you just want to open your arms and take them in, especially after what their Family member has done for us.”
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