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EFMP Systems navigators: Making a difference at ‘Great Place’

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June 6, 2013 | Editorial
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Systems navigation is proving to be a very welcomed and vital connection for Families with special needs. Many of our Families have said that systems navigator’s are very pleasant and easy to work with; they provide well thought out plans that can be easily executed and they stay in touch.

Getting special-needs assistance can be very complicated and a bit overwhelming when arriving to the largest military installation in the world. Systems navigators take complicated tasks and break them up into smaller tasks that make it less overwhelming, and they accomplish them with you.

Systems navigation services are available upon request during your tour at Fort Hood. Navigators are available to assist Families at any time during normal operating hours, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m., or upon request. System navigators conduct home visits, and are also available to meet with Families off-site.

Fort Hood has four systems navigators within the Army Community Service Exceptional Family Member Program. All of them are trained and knowledgeable about the systems of care used by Families with special needs.

How can they help?

Once the referral is given to a systems navigator, contact is initiated via welcome letters, emails and telephone contacts to establish a working partnership. Together, both the navigator and the Family develop a plan that identifies the Family’s strengths and needs, as well as address Family concerns, barriers and goals.

The written plan helps to direct the Family toward success, through collaboration of not only EFMP resources, but also community resources both on and off post. Systems navigators provide information about disabilities, and medical concerns by utilizing the EFMP Resource Library, which contains pamphlets, handouts, DVDs and a wide variety of educational books that are available for Families to review.

Through partnership and team building, systems navigators help strengthen a Family’s ability to advocate for their loved ones by assisting them with establishing their own independence through support groups and social activities. Frequent contact with Families is continued throughout a Family’s assignment at Fort Hood.


Referral sources for navigation services can be made through the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center, School Liaison Officers, Child Youth and School Services, Army Community Service staff members, Military One Source, as well as commanders, unit leaders, Tricare network providers, chaplains, community support agencies and self referrals. Referrals are also made

between systems navigators at both gaining and losing installations to ensure a smooth transition for the Family during permanent change of station.

If you are interested in having a systems navigator contact you, call 287-6070, or stop by the River Building, Bldg. 121, located on T.J. Mills Boulevard and 761st Tank Battalion Avenue. The entire staff will be happy to see you.
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